Why Sony India is not the same as Sony Worldwide

I bought a 50" Sony LED Android TV for 84,590 Rupees in November 2016. It worked great - for 2 years and 5 months. It's now going to cost me 37,500 Rupees to fix it.

Let's put that into some perspective. I spent Rs.2916  (84,590 / 29 months) per month for this TV. I could have rented a 55" LED TV for Rs.1700 a month instead, with no maintenance costs, and I'll own the rented unit by now.

When an LED TV from a brand like Sony can fail after such a short time, what's the point in buying from them? If you're thinking that the quality of the display is better with Sony, no, that's not true because Sony Displays are manufactured by LG. They only use their own image processor. If you're thinking that this is LG's fault, it's not, and I'll tell you why.

Sequence of Events 

  1. The TV refuses to turn on. I check the power adapter, it's output is the correct voltage. I call Sony and register a complaint.
  2. Sony Engineer visits, and after an external inspection, tells me that the motherboard is "gone". No idea how or why, just that it is not working anymore because there is no power coming out of it.  
  3. Price to change motherboard - approximately 9,000 Rupees.
  4. I say ok, what choice do I have? 
  5. Sony engineer visits with new motherboard. Changes it, voila, there's power, but the display isn't turning on. He tells me that the T-Con board (controller board for the display) is "gone". 
  6. Price to change motherboard + T-Con board? Approximately 15,000 Rupees.
  7. I say ok, what choice do I have? 
  8. Sony engineer visits with new T-Con board. Changes it, voila, the display turns on! Guess what though? There's a line of dead pixels on the LED panel. 

I raised a complaint with Sony India of course, asking them how in the blue blazes a premium Television can have 3 major part failures at the same time with no explanation, and after weeks, here's what they've offered me - 

An "exchange" with one of their new models, which will cost me approximately Rs.50,000; or a 25% discount on the LED panel (which is outsourced anyway so they're probably selling it to me at LG's cost price), which will cost me the aforementioned Rs.37,000.

The kicker? The warranty on all these parts is only 6 months.

Sorry Sony India, but I'm cutting my losses as any sane person would. I don't see any point in paying a premium for a brand that clearly isn't premium anymore.


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