All The Reasons NOT to Buy a Sony TV

When I wrote my post about my Sony Bravia Android TV going kaput in two and a half years, I thought I was the only one. I thought, "this has to be an anomaly, it's just plain bad luck". Since then however, the number of people I've found with strikingly similar issues is just too coincidental to ignore.

If you're planning to buy a Sony TV, please, please - take a look at these tweets, reach out to these people yourself  and ask them if they think that's a good idea. Or skip ahead to the summary.


I've not included people complaining about other products, like headphones, etc. I've also excluded complaints against Sony India aftersales support for other products, like this one for a PS4 or this one for a Sony Experia. Also excluded are reviews on other platforms like this one on mouthshut. This list is for TVs alone, in the last two four weeks, on Twitter.



Here's what to expect in 2-3 years after you buy a Sony TV -
  • A major part will go kaput.
  • You'll end up getting a quote in the range of 30%-85% of the cost of your TV. 
  • You'll complain.
  • Sony India will reply with something along these lines:
  • You'll complain some more.
  • They'll block you.

I don't know what's worse, Sony India's attitude or their social media management by The PRactice. What I do know is that you listen to your customers, you don't block them.

If you've had a similar experience with Sony TVs, please post a comment below. 


  1. sony as a company is dying anyways! They stopped VAIO because they had a pathetic customer support let alone TV!

  2. Same experience here ,bought a new tv , three years down line lines on the screen . Service centre quotes 37000 to change panel and comment from service centre field technician that it's common with such tv .


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