Aegon Life Customer Data Leak

Since it's that tax filing time of the year, I went to the Aegon Life website the other day to get my Health Insurance Tax certificate. Looked around, didn't find anything, so I user the search option on the site. Among a bunch of results with general information about Tax savings, I clicked on what I thought at first was a question posted on a forum / knowledge base. It turned out to be a message sent in private to Aegon Life via their contact form instead. 🤦‍♂️

To verify that this wasn't outdated data, or data from a sandbox server, I used the contact form myself and used the search option to find what I had just submitted:

It looked like a badly configured Drupal installation was the cause of the issue. I spent some time trying different searches on the search form, and I discovered that every single record attached to a form on their website was available, in public, for anyone to find. This included the contact form for general inquiries as well as existing customer…

All The Reasons NOT to Buy a Sony TV

When I wrote my post about my Sony Bravia Android TV going kaput in two and a half years, I thought I was the only one. I thought, "this has to be an anomaly, it's just plain bad luck". Since then however, the number of people I've found with strikingly similar issues is just too coincidental to ignore.

If you're planning to buy a Sony TV, please, please - take a look at these tweets, reach out to these people yourself  and ask them if they think that's a good idea. Or skip ahead to the summary.
Disclaimer I've not included people complaining about other products, like headphones, etc. I've also excluded complaints against Sony India aftersales support for other products, like this one for a PS4 or this one for a Sony Experia. Also excluded are reviews on other platforms like this one on mouthshut. This list is for TVs alone, in the last two four weeks, on Twitter.
Tweets@sony_india 2yrs back bought 65" TV rate 350,000, the display seems to have …

Why Sony India is not the same as Sony Worldwide

I bought a 50" Sony LED Android TV for 84,590 Rupees in November 2016. It worked great - for 2 years and 5 months. It's now going to cost me 37,500 Rupees to fix it.

Let's put that into some perspective. I spent Rs.2916  (84,590 / 29 months) per month for this TV. I could have rented a 55" LED TV for Rs.1700 a month instead, with no maintenance costs, and I'll own the rented unit by now.

When an LED TV from a brand like Sony can fail after such a short time, what's the point in buying from them? If you're thinking that the quality of the display is better with Sony, no, that's not true because Sony Displays are manufactured by LG. They only use their own image processor. If you're thinking that this is LG's fault, it's not, and I'll tell you why.
Sequence of Events The TV refuses to turn on. I check the power adapter, it's output is the correct voltage. I call Sony and register a complaint.Sony Engineer visits, and after an extern…

The truth about updating the address on your Aadhaar, online or offline

If you think updating the address on your Aadhaar card is going to be as easy as advertised on the UIDAI "self-service" website, you're in for some serious dissapointment.

Here's what they say -

Under the valid list of documents required, you'll see these two items: Bank Statement/ PassbookRegistered Sale / Lease / Rent Agreement 
Here's my experience:

When I moved into my new flat, I tried to update my address with the lease agreements. One week later, I got this email:
Your Request XXXX has been rejected due to: Invalid Documents .Please resubmit correct request or visit the nearest Aadhaar Kendra for updates. That's it. No other information as to what makes these documents invalid. I scanned and uploaded every page of the lease. Spent time reducing the size of the PDF to below 2MB.

So I googled it and found a thread on quora saying that I need to self-attest the document. Of course, the UIDAI website also specifies that we need to upload original scann…